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Pavlov conditioning of consumer behaviour when in front of adverse stimuli

In the article "Consumer Behavior Theories: Pavlovian Theory" (, we see how Pavlov theory of conditioned response can be effectively used to increase consumption. There, a major cola producer marketing campaigns associates various "problems" such as dehydration and heat, with its product. Thus, the product is a solution to those problems so people automatically choose to ONLY solve them with that cola product without even considering other brands. However, the same can be applied for whenever the brand appears besides a problem such as ocean pollution: people start to associate the brand with that problem, but in an INVERSE way: thus they choose ANY other brand but that one. In this sense, an effective solution is to show that very same consumer that the company does care about that problem, and that it is trying to solve it too. does that: it allows companies to reward people whenever they dispose of their products properly, thus showing they care about the problem and are looking for solutions.