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The gen-z consumer and its expectations

Many say we are killing the planet. More than that: we are killing the customer. According to a survey from First Insight, 62% of Gen Z respondents prefer to buy from sustainable brands, on par with millennials, while 54% of Gen X and 44% of the Silent Generation (born 1928-45) said the same. However, only 39 percent of baby boomers agreed. Gen Z are those born between 1997 and 2012: basically kids between 9 and 21. In this, this generation is continually exposed to pictures like the one below from a washed up dolphin in Cornwall, so it learns to associate the brands that appear in those disposed products to death and overall lack of care on an important issue for it. That creates a "Pavlov effect", meaning that at the end, when this generation grows up, it will not consume of those brands and will not even be able to explain why. was designed with that in mind. It allows companies to create campaigns where they basically say "We do care about the environment and, for that, we are giving you points whenever you dispose of our products properly"